Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns Have A Master Plan…And It (Maybe) Involves Peyton Manning


Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam pressed the magic red button on the team’s front office on Tuesday; removing CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi and introducing Ray Farmer as the team’s new GM.

While Farmer begins his run as general manager, that begged the question…who is going to be the CEO of the Cleveland Browns.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer explains her theory:

Haslam currently has no CEO in the front office. My guess is that he’ll offer that job to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning someday. He loves Manning, they’re great friends, and he’s watched what John Elway has done in running the Broncos. Manning will play at least one more season to break Brett Favre’s record for TD passes, but might be lured into a CEO role after that. The day Haslam agreed to purchase the Browns, I asked him if he’d bring Manning aboard, and he praised Manning, saying among other things, “he’s very smart.”

Well then…

Presumably, when Peyton Manning retires, every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Barry will offer Captain Omaha an NFL-related job since he is “the greatest regular season quarterback of all-time.”

Would Cleveland be his initial step into the world of NFL management?

I’m guessing no and that he’ll take his sweet time getting involved with front office stuff.

For those using the John Elway comparison, remember that it took the former Broncos quarterback 13 years to become the Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

So, I don’t think Manning will be in any hurry. He might want to sip on a few Bud Lights in retirement.

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