Donovan McNabb

According To America, Donovan McNabb Is Nearly The Greatest Quarterback Of All-Time

Donovan McNabb

The books closed on March and in turn, nearly every variety version of bracketology is nearly complete as well including an offering from

The website posted an online tournament to allow the public to pick the greatest quarterback of all-time. The Joe Montana vs. Johnny Unitas final is rather predictable. However, it nearly was spoiled by former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

McNabb nearly took down Johnny U in the semifinals, losing 51-49 percent. Conversely, Tom Brady lost to Montana in somewhat of a blowout, 66-34 percent.

In fairness, the bracket was broken down into four sections (Right Now, Generation X, Baby Boomers, Milennials), with McNabb surviving the Milennials section.

Nonetheless, it can be deduced that some segment of America strongly believes that McNabb is just as good, if not better than Johnny Unitas.

That’s right. Unitas, who won two Associated Press MVPs, three NFL titles, and a Super Bowl, doesn’t measure up to McNabb, who never won an MVP and whose greatest claim to fame may be being the guy that may or may not have thrown up during the Super Bowl.

The big knee-slapper of all this is that McNabb is likely to struggle to reach the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, Unitas reached the Hall back in 1979.

After Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother finale, my faith in this country has been shaken.


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