New England Patriots

Tom Brady Wears Red Pants And A Fauxhawk To Harry Josh Party

BradyBlondeWhile attending a party for celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh last weekend, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sported a different look with wife Gisele Bundchen by his side.

Brady rolled into the party with a blonde faux hawk and bright red pants.

I’m not going to kill the guy for this. After all, take a look at the entirety of this picture (including his left hand). Clearly, he is doing something that Gisele likes and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Plus, if Gisele tells you to wear lime green pants with a clown wig, you’re going to do it; and quite frankly, you’re crazy if you don’t.


Come on, Tom. You can’t dress like Tintin. You’re better than that.

Maybe this is his silent protest against the Patriots potentially drafting a quarterback in Thursday’s NFL Draft.

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