New England Patriots

Tom Brady Turns 37 Today


Today marks the birthday of the greatest living American, Tom Brady. The three-time Super Bowl winner turns 37 on Sunday.

Brady is still chasing a fourth Super Bowl ring as he enters his 15th season. However, whether he gets it or not, Brady remains in the long and tortured “greatest quarterback of all-time” discussion.

Brady’s birthday often represents a new beginning annually for NFL fans. Instead of watching players run around in shorts and pads during hot summer days in training camp, it’s finally time for them to head back out to play games of merit.

Alas, two of Brady’s arch-rivals hit the field this evening in Canton, Ohio to commence preseason action. The Buffalo Bills and New York Giants open the NFL season tonight for what should be a game littered with hopefuls to make their respective rosters.

Of course, Brady and Patriots fans know all too well about both teams. Buffalo – an AFC East rival – claims they are ready to possibly challenge New England’s considerable stranglehold on the division crown.

And then, there’s New York…

Depending on how Brady’s career closes, the New York Giants could have a large say on how he is viewed historically. If not for two spectacular plays by New York’s David Tyree and Mario Manningham in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, Brady would be the owner of five Super Bowl rings with a mark of 5-0 on Super Sunday. Most importantly, he would be the only quarterback in NFL history who engineered a perfect 19-0 season.

Even without the extra pair of Super Bowl triumphs, Brady’s résumé doesn’t take a backseat to a lot of people.

Brady won three Super Bowls over the span of four seasons – only done by Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman as a member of the infamous Dallas Cowboys’ teams of the 1990s. Meanwhile, no quarterback owns more postseason wins than Brady’s 18.

Mixing his Super Bowls, Super Bowl MVPs, league MVPs, and Pro Bowls with his statistical success and longevity, perhaps no other quarterback in NFL history has been as productive and stable over such an extended period of time.

Is he the greatest quarterback ever?

Maybe…maybe not.

Regardless, we don’t have a lot of time left him. Enjoy the ride (and the questionable fashion choices) while it still lasts. Its been a blast.

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