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Terry Bradshaw Says If You Like Losing Super Bowls, Peyton Manning Is For You

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

Years from now, when random historians decide to read up about Terry Bradshaw, they will find three versions.

Version #1 – The dude that won four Super Bowls as the embattled quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Version #2 – The dude that became a football game analyst for CBS after retiring as a player.

Version #3 – The dude that may or may not be a caricature of himself as a member of FOX’s NFL pre-game show.

During his America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde one-man performance this week, all three versions of Bradshaw merged together to criticize Peyton Manning’s lack of success in Super Bowls:

“Peyton Manning, considered the best quarterback to play the game today. Nobody would argue with that — if you like winning good during the season and losing Super Bowls, that’s your guy.”

While it sort of came out of nowhere, Bradshaw is right and is not willing to apologize. Manning hasn’t exactly distinguished himself in the big game.

It’s not just about the 1-2 record, it’s HOW it happened.

Look at Kurt Warner. The former Rams and Cardinals quarterback finished his career 1-2 in Super Bowls. His two Super Bowl losses were by a grand total of seven points. Do you hear people getting restless over Warner’s two Super Bowl losses?

Meanwhile, Manning’s two Super Bowl losses are by a combined 49 points featuring a pair of back-breaking pick-sixes. For the alleged “greatest quarterback of all-time”, that’s rather disappointing isn’t it?

Does Peyton’s postseason 11-12 postseason scream that he is the greatest? Does getting baptized 43-8 in the Super Bowl qualify as “greatest ever?” Not hardly.

Ultimately, Bradshaw has the currency to make that kind of comment thanks to his four Super Bowl rings and two Super Bowl MVPs.

The Blonde Bomber might be a bit crazy (and really be into Tom Brady a little too much) but the man spits truth.


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