Michael Vick

Michael Vick Is Taking Credit For Creating The Rushing Quarterback


For a guy who may very well be in the twilight of his career as an NFL quarterback, Michael Vick is awfully chatty.

The New York Jets quarterback told media yesterday that he started the trend of rushing quarterbacks and is essentially the man responsible for today’s mobile signal-callers like Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.

Yes, during the previous 94 seasons of NFL action, it’s Vick who set the table for what you’re seeing today – according to Vick.

“I was the guy who started it all,” the New York Jets quarterback told ESPN.com.

“I revolutionized the game. I changed the way it was played in the NFL.”

That’s not even the best part of Vick’s self-congratulatory comments. It gets much better:

“The things I’ve done, I’ve pretty much surpassed myself and expectations — over 25,000 yards in total offense in the NFL, and I missed a lot of years and a lot of games,” he said.

“That’s more the reason I have to keep it going.”

I mean, I just can’t with this.

How does one surpass yourself? Is that an out of body experience? Is there a class or app for that?

However, that’s not even the most ridiculous part of this.

Vick spent four seasons in Philadelphia where guys like Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb (who were both better quarterbacks than Vick) plied their trade by throwing and RUNNING.

Cunningham, McNabb, John Elway, Steve Young, Bobby Douglass, Roger Staubach and Fran Tarkenton were among quarterbacks who could play the position and run.

Sadly, this is another reason why Vick just doesn’t (and will not) get it.

Go back to school, Michael. Football History 101 awaits.

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