Roger Goodell

Bad News Barrett Calls Redskins “Racist” Organization


During Monday Night Raw on the USA Network in Washington, D.C., Bad News Barrett had a few things to say about his opponent Dolph Ziggler…and the Washington Redskins.

Shortly before his Intercontinental title defense against Ziggler in the nation’s capital, Barrett took to the microphone and ran down his opponent:

After I beat Dolph Ziggler tonight and then I win again on Sunday, Dolph is going to be so embarrassed he will be forced to change his name…just like your racist, constantly losing NFL team….THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Millions of folks tune into Raw each week and you can bet that the WWE’s take on the controversial Redskins’ name will find its way in the NFL office.

Good thing no one in the WWE researched former Redskins owner George Preston Marshall (I think). They’d still be on the air talking about it.

Your move, Roger.

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