Bill Belichick

A Virginia-Based Arby’s Tries To Sass Bill Belichick


The New England Patriots began joint practices with the Washington Redskins on Monday in Richmond, Virginia.

While the Patriots and Redskins prepared for their preseason game on Friday, a Richmond-based Arby’s decided to throw some shade at New England head coach Bill Belichick.

Dean Kovanes, the owner of the Richmond, Virginia Arby’s, unveiled a parking spot on Monday that stated “RESERVED PARKING – FORMER HC OF THE NYJ” with a pair of binoculars tossed in at the end.

Of course, the initial reference is a dig at the infamous incident with the Jets where Belichick resigned as head coach of the Jets on a piece of paper after being in charge for one day.

And then, the binoculars?

Well, we all know the name of that tune…Spygate.

Anyhow, if Coach Belichick finds his way to Arby’s in Richmond, don’t get the Chicken Bacon Swiss sandwich. That looks like a nutritional nightmare.

Heart healthy first, Coach.

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