Dallas Cowboys

Modern Technology Ruins Jerry Jones


Photos hit the internet of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones suggestively posing with a pair of females.

In what appears to be an extortion attempt against Jones from an individual that claimed God sent him these pictures from God, the photos catch the ‘Boys owner in some compromising positions.

The 71-year-old Jones is worth an estimated $3 billion but all of the greenbacks in the world can’t hide what appears to be an older gentlemen being rather lecherous with the ladies.

You’d like to think that a married billionaire (sorry, Jean Jones) has more common sense than to do this AND have someone take photos of it.

For example, legendary New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter reportedly doesn’t allow people to use their cell phones at his home (aka St. Jetersburg).

If I was a billionaire, I’m extending that policy to multiple forms of life. If is not an NFL-sanctioned event, no cell phones pictures please.

Yet, as Hoover’s rantings suggest, there is far more to this story than ladies getting rather close to the nether region one of the richest owners in sports.

Two decades ago, Jones presided over one of the most debauchery-filled eras in NFL history. As the Cowboys churned out three Super Bowl titles in four years, Charles Haley, Michael Irvin, and Nate Newton ran wild in Dallas.

The big difference between then and now besides social media?



Anyhow, it’ll be entertaining to see if Lord Roger returns out of the foxhole to address this matter.

If his handling of the Jim Irsay situation is any indication, Jones should be able to return to regularly scheduled programming rather quickly.

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