Denver Broncos

Once Upon A Time, Robin Williams Was A Broncos Cheerleader


Robin Williams, one of the greatest entertainers of all-time, passed away at age 63 on Monday after an apparent suicide.

Known for his comedic genius, Williams earned his bones through stand-up comedy and television before morphing into a successful actor.

During his run as “Mork” on sitcom “Mork and Mindy,” Williams played an alien that arrived to Earth from planet Ork.

A 1979 episode featured Mork playing the role of the first-ever Denver Broncos male cheerleader – even getting the opportunity to run on the field at Mile High Stadium.

Mork sprinted onto the field at Mile High Stadium on the same day as an emphatic 45-10 Broncos victory over the Patriots.

On a side note, the foray in Mile High was not the only time Williams dabbled in football. He starred alongside Kurt Russell in the 1986 comedy The Best of Times as a pair of washed-up high school football players looking to avenge a loss against a rival team years later.


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