Denver Broncos

Perhaps It’s Time For Wes Welker To Retire; Suffers Another Concussion


Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker is going to have to make a business decision in the near future. 

Welker suffered another concussion on Saturday night against Houston when Texans safety D.J. Swearinger lowered the boom on the veteran receiver. 

Following the game, Peyton Manning expressed concern for his teammate’s long-term safety: 

“Obviously concerned about Wes, I just didn’t like seeing him come out of the game, a potential blow to the head, that kept him out a while last year, so obviously concerned about him,” Manning said.

According to Broncos head coach John Fox, Welker will go through the proper player concussion protocol in the upcoming days with hopes that he can return to the field. 

Interestingly enough, moments after the Welker play, Manning was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after taunting Swearinger seconds after a Broncos touchdown. 

The uncharacteristic response by Manning illustrated the seriousness of the situation to a degree. Welker suffered two concussions last season with the latter causing him to begin wearing a larger helmet for safety measures. 

Now, a third concussion in the last 10 months raises a red flag. Welker, whose concussion history forced author Jeff Pearlman to write him a letter last year asking the Broncos receiver to retire, needs to think about his future and whether he wants to pay the long-term effects of head trauma. 

Football is great and all, but it’s not worth turning your brain to mush after repeated blows to the head. Also, I’m conspiracy theorist. I don’t think it’s an accident that the Broncos drafted wide receiver Cody Latimer in the second round of the ’14 draft. 

Wes, it’s about that time. Leave while you still can. 


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