Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks Deemed Too Tough For Football; Sanctioned By The NFL

Super Bowl XLVIII Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks received quite the wrist-slap on Tuesday when the NFL fined the Super Bowl champs $300,000 and stripped them of two 2015 mini-camp practice sessions. 

According to NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello, Seattle’s punishment stemmed from “excessive levels” of on-field contact during 2014 mini-camp sessions for veteran players. 

The penalty represents the second time in three seasons that NFL penalized Seattle for its offseason practice methods. Back in 2012, the NFL fined Seattle for illegal practice activities as well. 

After embarrassing “the greatest offense of all-time” in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seahawks have been at odds with The Shield™. During the preseason, officials placed a new emphasis on illegal contact and now, the latest infraction over “excess levels” of practice physicality. 

I’m a conspiracy theory guy at heart. There are two reasons for The Shield™ cracking down on illegal contact (read Seahawks): 

  1. Peyton Manning – I can’t imagine the powers that be enjoyed watching “the greatest offense to roam the earth since dinosaurs” get slapped around and getting the 2003 Patriots treatment. Alas, here comes the convenient arrival of reinforcing illegal contact policies. I’m not sure the league necessarily wants Manning to win the next nine Super Bowls. HOWEVER, seeing the league MVP get boatraced thanks to a rabid defense could not have been a positive sight for league bigwigs. 
  2. Fantasy Football – Fantasy football is for people who don’t want to spend oodles of dollars gambling. Instead, fantasy football allows the league to draw interest from casual fans and in turn spread the gospel of The Shield™. You know what kills fantasy football? Defense. Defense. DEFENSE. Don’t mess with The Shield’s bottom line…those sweet greenbacks. 

If Seattle is going to repeat, they may have to go about it a far different way. The Shield™ will not make it easy. 

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