Cleveland Browns

The Shield Suspends Josh Gordon For One Year


I’ll never get used to an NFL player getting a year-long suspension for abusing substances while another NFL player actually abused a woman.

Alas, that is where we stand in NFL 2014 after today’s report that states Browns receiver Josh Gordon will be suspended for an entire season following an appeal that felt flat.

Gordon’s punishment stems from violating the league’s substance abuse policy (again). Prior to Gordon’s appeal, he was arrested on a DUI charge back in North Carolina in July.

The troubled Browns receiver will miss the entire 2014 season and then become eligible at some point in 2015 per decree from The Shield.

It’s a damaging (but expected) blow dealt by The Shield™ to Gordon and the Browns. However, it begs to ask a simple question. How is there a model built in American sports where violating the league’s substance policy by using marijuana (which is actually legal in two states that house NFL franchises – Colorado and Washington) is far more damning than hitting a woman?

This is a low moment for Gordon, who reportedly is looking at options to potentially sue the league.

While he has no one to blame but himself for this, the league has to fix these type of imbalances.

I’ve always thought the league worries more about ratings and money than the actual players. It’s beginning to appear as if they care more about “protecting The Shield” than protecting actual people from themselves and others.

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