New Orleans Saints

Jimmy Graham Hail Mary TD Trumped By Perrish Cox Flop


Tied at 24-24 with seconds remaining (and soon after Colin Kaepernick saved the 49ers’ bacon moments earlier), Jimmy Graham hauled in a Drew Brees hail mary attempt and appeared to have scored a game-winning touchdown that would have saddled San Francisco with a 4-5 record.

Instead, Graham was flagged with an offensive pass interference call, which negated a game-winning score. The play’s true star was San Francisco defensive back Perrish Cox, who channeled his inner-soccer/NBA player, and flopped to move matters along.

The 49ers went on to win in overtime 27-24 and handed Saints head coach Sean Payton his first home loss in New Orleans since January 2011.

Was it offensive pass interference?

Maybe, maybe not.

But you know what was offensive pass interference?


GoldenTateOPIYet, we all know how that one ended up.

Sorry Saints fans. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong referees.

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