New England Patriots

Brandon Browner Hit On Ladarius Green Leads To Worst Call Of The Season


Brandon Browner, New England’s one-man penalty marker, was at it again on Sunday night but seemingly received a raw deal after a hit to San Diego Chargers tight end Ladarius Green.

With New England trailing 14-13 in the third quarter, Philip Rivers drilled a pass in to Green, which was broken up by Browner and intercepted by safety Devin McCourty, who promptly returned the pick for a touchdown.

However, a personal foul call against Browner negated the touchdown.

Browner was penalized for helmet-to-helmet contact on a defenseless receiver. The penalty infuriated many on the Patriots including Bill Belichick, who promptly f-bombed the officials.

Upon replay, it appears Browner led with his shoulder to hit Green in the shoulder area and not in the head as the foul states.

Green suffered a concussion on the play and did not return to the game.

Moments later, Patriots linebacker Akeem Ayers intercepted Rivers.

Football justice was eventually served following one of the worst calls of the entire season.

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