New England Patriots

Tom Brady Blames CBS & NBC For America Seeing His Potty Mouth

O5rxLtSThe Boston Globe insinuated that Tom Brady is a poor sport due to his display over the past few weeks since he has been repeatedly caught on camera cursing and dropping the f-bomb.

Soon after returning home from a victory over the San Diego Chargers, Brady did his weekly radio talk show spot with Boston-based hosts Dennis & Callahan to address some of the criticism.

When asked about getting loose on TV with his language, Brady passed the buck (and rightfully so):

“I wish I did have a better mouth out there at times. But there’s nothing that quite expresses the way I feel like that word,” Brady said. “It is [a great word], especially in the heat of the moment. No I don’t say it at home, of course not. It’s pretty well filtered at the house. Blame CBS, NBC for putting it on TV, don’t blame me.

Well said.

There are approximately 8,343,321 far worse things that are said on the football field than the f-bomb. This isn’t Brady’s first rodeo and for folks to expect him to change his tune in year 15 in the NFL is rather foolish.

Plus, CBS and NBC know what they are doing by showing Brady’s emotion. They love it and yes, America you love it whether you want to admittedly peel back your layers of Patriots hate.

To paraphrase a famous Randall Cunningham quote, “Let Brady, be Brady.”

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  1. The networks know what they are doing. Immediately after a bad play; interception, fumble, major penalty at the crucial time, they go right to the coach or the person at fault’s face. What do they expect to come out? Kittens and rainbows? This is a passionate activity. People are going to use strong language.

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