Baltimore Ravens

Terrell Suggs Plans On Disrupting Brady Vs. Manning XVII

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens

As they did in 2012, Terrell Suggs and the Baltimore Ravens aim to disrupt another postseason meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts stand in the way this weekend of Brady vs. Manning XVII taking place in a potential AFC title game but Suggs was quick to throw down the gauntlet in regards to another playoff meeting between the two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks:

“We all know the matchup the NFL wants to see,” Suggs said. “Something for the TV, for the sponsors. We’ve got faith in ourselves and Ravens Nation, and we’ll see if we can disrupt some people’s plans.”

After Sunday’s wild Detroit/Dallas playoff game, folks are filled with conspiracies. Despite the latest numbers that show NFL ratings being off from previous seasons, I think the league will do just fine without another Brady vs. Manning game.

However, the Ravens will have their hands full on Sunday with Brady and company in Foxborough. Brady, Suggs, and the respective coaching staffs have been quick to point out that this game will be different from the previous postseason meetings.

We’ll see how it goes for Baltimore this time around. They played one of the softer schedules in the NFL this season with eight games against the NFC South and AFC South – two of the NFL’s softest and weakest divisions.

If the Ravens don’t stand tall, we’ll be one step closer to another edition of Brady vs. Manning. Perhaps, this time around Suggs will actually call Tom Brady by name for once if the Ravens fall short.

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