New England Patriots

Mona Lisa Vito, The NWO & The Patriots Head To Arizona For Super Bowl XLIX


While the Seattle Seahawks (remember them?) landed in Arizona on Sunday, the real fun of Super Bowl week commences on Monday when the New England Patriots arrive in Glendale today.

Upon arriving, the Patriots (and presumably the Mona Lisa Vito of football) will handle media responsibilities, which unfortunately will probably lead to people asking about Bill Nye and more inane questions about deflated balls.

At this point, the only bright note on this story is some of the photoshop work involved.

Here’s to hoping that the media talks about something other than PSI. After all, the Patriots are playing the defending Super Bowl champions.

They kind of deserve some attention too.

Oh, one other Photoshop piece. I’m a sucker for wrestling references and the Pats as the NWO is pretty legit:

Pats-NWOAs you were.

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