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The NFL Top 10 Heel Rankings – Edition #1

BradyNYDNAs Deflategate rages on, it appears the national/NFL media will not stop until they have the souls of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady delivered to them prior to the Super Bowl.

This incident is forcing to people and respected media members to quite honestly, act rather childish. Let’s get the evidence and then write over-reactionary articles and suggest people get banned from Hall of Fame then, ok?

Anyhow, this is a great opportunity to start a new feature. It’s time to take a look at the most-hated figures connected to the NFL. It could be an individual, team, media member, etc. This is all about raising awareness about villains.

For the uninitiated, the term “heel” is often used in professional wrestling circles to describe a bad guy or antagonist.

So, let’s get to it.

1. Tom Brady – When the hot takes get so hot that actor Kevin Costner steps in to defend you, that’s a rather rough week. Brady was basically called a liar by former Super Bowl winning quarterback Troy Aikman. That ought to make future production meetings with FOX and the Patriots pretty enjoyable.

At the end of the day, a lot of media types have turned on Brady because they feel he is being dishonest about what happened with Deflategate. Calling someone a liar though? That’s really strong considering we don’t have all of the facts…or many of them to be honest.

If Brady and the Patriots win the Super Bowl next week, I’ll be very interested to see what their tact is with the national media, who dogged them repeatedly over something as silly as deflated footballs.

Overall from Aikman to John Madden to Chris Russo, everyone is piling on Tom Brady right now. Just think, in a week, the defending Super Bowl champs will possibly add to his problems.

2. Bill Belichick – The funniest part about Deflategate is all of the talking heads, who already had legit heat with the Patriots, coming out and recommending cheating as a way to counteract the Patriots. You know it’s bad when you’re probably an innocent party and people like Hines Ward (ex-Steeler), Tony Dungy (ex-Colt), Brian Dawkins (ex-Eagle, who lost to the Pats in Super Bowl XXXIX) can’t wait to pile on.

3. Roger Goodell – When Brady said that he hadn’t talked to the NFL yet during his Thursday press conference, that told us all we need to know about how the NFL does business. Regardless of how serious you think this Deflategate issue (and I personally think it’s one of the dumbest stories of the last 20 years), you have to interview the quarterback…IMMEDIATELY. That especially rings true if a Super Bowl is to be played soon involving him.

Also, brownie points to Goodell for threatening to ban Marshawn Lynch from playing in the NFC title game because he wanted to wear gold shoes.

4. Indianapolis Colts – Tattle-tale, tattle-tale, tattle-tale. The only reason they aren’t higher is due to several of their players saying that the deflated ball mess had zero impact on the game.

5. Baltimore Ravens – Of all teams to get on their high-horse about fair play and ethics. Thanks for secretly making this week about your team, John Harbaugh.

6. Marshawn Lynch – Dude, can we get through a week without a Lynch-related issue? Also, no more of this please:


After about the ninth time, it’s absurd and tired.

7. Mark Brunell – The guy who played on the Super Bowl-winning Bountygate ’09 Saints is going to nearly cry on TV about deflated footballs? I don’t get that either.

8. Troy Aikman – I can’t wait for the next meeting between Tom Brady and Troy Aikman. I hope it’s televised.

9. Bob Kravitz – The former Indy Star reporter lit the fuse on this story and called for the suspension of Bill Belichick from the Super Bowl.

Best of luck with that, Bob.

10. Mike McCarthy – McCarthy hops onto the list because his team got off the hook due to the Patriots mess after coughing a Super Bowl berth against Seattle last week.

HEEL PROMO OF THE WEEK: Ric Flair loses it on Fritz Von Erich in 1982. 

In this clip, Flair, the NWA World Champion, is denying charges that he put a bounty on rival Kerry Von Erich to prevent a title bout. Instead of KVE defending himself, he sent in his Daddy Fritz for the save. Hilarity ensues.

Don’t ever change, Ric.

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