Joe Montana

Joe Montana Believes Tom Brady Is Behind Deflategate

JoeMontanaRingsAdd Tom Brady’s childhood hero to the list of dissenting voices that believes Tom Brady is the evil mastermind behind Deflategate or Ballghazi or whatever atrocious name you care to apply to this mess.

While speaking to a group of reporters on Thursday, Joe Montana made it pretty clear who he felt was behind the New England Patriots deflating footballs prior to the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts:

“I mean, it’s easy to figure out who did it,” Montana told a small group reporters on radio row at Super Bowl XLIX today. “I mean, did Tom do it? No, but Tom likes the balls that way, obviously, or you wouldn’t have 11 of them that way without him complaining because as a quarterback, you know how you like the balls. If it doesn’t feel like that, something’s wrong.”

Brady has always expressed his love of the San Francisco 49ers legend. However, Montana joins Troy Aikman among Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks that feel Brady altered the ball to gain a competitive advantage over the Colts.

The coolest part about Super Bowl XLIX besides the actual game will undoubtedly be the aftermath. If the New England Patriots top the Seattle Seahawks, Brady and the Pats will not go quietly into the offseason after being dragged through the mud as cheaters over the past two weeks.

A loss will open them up for ridicule by their detractors who claim they break the rules all the time.

Either way, I’m at the end of the rope on this…

Is it Sunday yet?

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