New England Patriots

Katy Perry Brought Deflategate And Marshawn Lynch Jokes To Super Bowl Presser


During her Super Bowl halftime show press conference on Thursday, Katy Perry previewed her upcoming performance on Sunday and showed that she was up on her NFL current events.

Soon after the press conference began, Perry mentioned that nothing in her performance will be deflated – a somewhat witty reference to the recent New England Patriots controversy.

Meanwhile, when Perry was asked who she had her eye on in reference to Sunday’s game, she quipped “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Clearly, Perry was prepped on the latest in Marshawn Lynch.

Also, she professed her allegiance to the Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson, in particular. Thus, just like Idina Menzel, Perry is Team Seahawks this Sunday.

Overall, it was your typical poppy press conference for a Super Bowl halftime act as Perry went onto mention a surprise performer that will be included in Sunday’s festivities.

Wait, it’s not this girl, is it?

SwiftOk, probably not since those two hate each other.

As long as it’s not the two halftime grim reapers of Patriots Super Bowls past (Tom Petty and Madonna) or the remnants of Up With People, I’m sure it will not be a complete flop.

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