Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin Metaphorically Pooped On Darrelle Revis During The Super Bowl


Moody Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin finally came clean on Monday about his inappropriate Super Bowl Sunday celebration that was so offensive that NBC cameras hopped away from it immediately.

Baldwin told ESPN 710 in Seattle that his celebration was directed at New England’s all-universe cornerback Darrelle Revis, who covered the disgruntled pass catcher during Super Bowl XLIX.

During the third quarter of New England’s memorable victory, Baldwin shrewdly utilized an official to set a pick and open up space for a touchdown catch and his lone reception on the night.

After the catch, Baldwin pretended to drop his pants and poop on the ball. Classy for a Stanford guy, right? Well, Baldwin finally shed light on the matter on Monday.

“I spent a lot of time those two weeks prior to getting ready for that game just focused on my individual matchup with him, and I put a lot into it,” Baldwin told the station. “And in that moment, I guess you could say it was just kind of a built-up frustration I was letting out in that sequence, you know, between him and I. Obviously, there was competitive stuff going on in that game, and in that moment, I just let out what I felt personally.”

Ok, so if you’re keeping score at home…Baldwin, the same guy who was extremely vocal about being disrespected by the media because he was deemed to be “aight” by Deion Sanders, decided to take a fake dump in the end zone during the Super Bowl.

Good luck earning respect after that one. The NFL fined Baldwin $11,025 for his fake bathroom trip.

Perhaps next time, Baldwin will actually be a consistent producer against a top shelf cornerback before opting to make a fool of himself before the largest audience ever to watch a Super Bowl.

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