Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly Is Shredding The Eagles According To The Philly Daily News


The NFL went haywire on Tuesday to start free agency and once again, the Philadelphia Eagles were at the forefront.

The Eagles dealt quarterback Nick Foles, a fourth round pick in 2015 and second-round pick in 2016 to St. Louis in exchange for Sam Bradford and a fifth round pick in 2015.

Regardless of your opinions about Foles, this move doesn’t make a shred of sense for the Eagles. Bradford tore the ACL in his left knee over the last two seasons and has yet to prove he can stay healthy for an entire NFL season. Only twice during Bradford’s five seasons did he manage to play in all 16 games.

Sensing a disturbance in the force of Eagles fans, the Philadelphia Daily News was spot on with their Wednesday back cover.

Look, this is the only way ANY of this makes sense:

  1. The Eagles are still going to trade for Marcus Mariota.
  2. Once they trade for Mariota, he actually becomes the third-string quarterback and sits to watch what’s happening.
  3. Alas, Bradford will be your starter with Sanchez as the backup and Mariota as a third-stringer.

If that isn’t where this is going, picking up Bradford is one of the more illogical teams an NFL squad has done in recent memory.

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