New England Patriots

Tom Brady Goes Cliff Diving; Patriots Fans Forget He Did This Three Years Ago


At the moment, we’re in the middle of the Tom Brady’s National Lampoon’s Offseason Vacation.

When we last checked in with the three-time Super Bowl MVP, Brady was seen riding horses and getting buried in the sand by his kids in Costa Rica.

Today brings about a new adventure. Brady posted a video of him cliff-diving while enjoying his vacation – with the caption “Never doing that again! #AirBrady”

Soon after Brady posted the video, Patriots fans became somewhat fearful of their franchise quarterback jumping from lofty perches:

Meanwhile on Facebook, Brady’s dive led to over 11,000 (and counting) comments. Here’s one from Anneorsunshine:

Jesus. As a Pats fan, my heart skipped a beat watching that. Someone wrap Tom in bubble wrap please.

Apparently, some Patriots fans have a short memory. Shortly before New England reported to training camp in 2012, Brady did the same thing but from a smaller cliff.

Nonetheless, chillax everyone…except you Bill Belichick.

You’re probably not going to find this amusing.

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