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New NFL App Arrives Just in Time for the New Season

NFLXBoxAs the season draws closer, NFL fans around the world are beginning to get excited as we usher in the opening weekend of the season. Whether you’re a Steelers or a Patriots fan, getting to savior in the first actual game of the season, or you support another NFL team, the anticipation for the new campaign is at boiling point right now.

Although, as we all know, keeping up with the influx of NFL-related information while the season is underway, can be hard especially if you have a busy work and social schedule. Luckily, for fans across the world, the NFL has announced an updated version of its app for the Xbox One. You read more on the app here.

Similar to last year’s version of the app, it will provide fans with fantasy stats, exclusive video interviews and highlights, real-time feeds when you sync it with a paid subscription and all the information on your favorite team.

One of the new developments is something labeled as a “score sticker” which works as a counter to make sure you don’t miss the start of a game while watching or playing a video game. All this information was first announced on The Verge, which you can read here in full.

There are also significant changes to the app, with the NFL sprucing it up with a new cleaner interface and introducing something called “Next Gen Stats.” Frankly, these revolutionary stats wouldn’t be out of place in a John Madden game. Whenever there’s a replay it will be accompanied by stats such as “velocity, top speed and distance traveled for each player on the field.”

Additionally, fans will be able to keep track of player’s movements across the field. Microsoft also feel that this app is the perfect accompaniment to fantasy football platforms as it’ll let fans track their players in real-time. You can watch a full break down of the app in the video below:

Always, the innovators; Microsoft haven’t stopped there. They have also been working on updating ‘Surface Tablets” for NFL teams that use the devices to track data while on the field. The new models, entitled “Surface Pro 3” are due to be lighter, retain the weather-proofing features of the last model, whiteboard features as well as having all the latest video technology incorporated into them.

It’s not just a great deal for Microsoft because of the exposure they and their product will be getting from this partnership. The long-term deal will cost the NFL approximately $400 million over 5 years with the goal of Microsoft continuing to “develop technology that will make watching football more interactive for fans who use the Xbox One videogame console and other Microsoft devices that feature Xbox Live.” For more information on the deal, click here.

Microsoft will also be making further announcements on how this app will convert to their mobile devices. With mobile now a significant part of Microsoft’s business, they will be assuring users that any tech releases will be available on the Microsoft Lumia 535 and their other handsets.

The operating arm of Pocket Fruity – a site, which you can view by clicking here – predicted in 2013 that mobile would become a major focus for industry leaders due to the sheer power of apps, today. Fast-forward two years, and Microsoft is now a fully functioning mobile provider launching several handsets annually to challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung in the market.

With the season about to start, all Xbox One users should be exploring this new innovative app to help them track their fantasy team stats or even to experience things through the eyes of a coach. If anything, it’s a fun addition to an already great piece of tech.

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