Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin Does Not Want To Hear Scott Zolak & Patriots Radio In His Headsets

TomlinHeadsetDuring New England’s 28-21 opening night win over the Steelers, Pittsburgh’s coaching staff was unable to communicate with each other due to a malfunction with their headsets.

Instead of getting the regular chit-chat between coaches, the Steelers’ coaching staff was treated to the smooth sounds of the Patriots radio team featuring Bob Socci and Scott Zolak.

While Socci and Zolak are a great radio team, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was not having it during his postgame press conference.

When quizzed about the first-half incident, which was remedied by league officials, Tomlin stated the headset issue is a common occurrence when Pittsburgh visits New England.

As is custom in the NFL, when one team has headset issues, the other team must turn off their headset communications as well.

Nonetheless, the Patriots don’t play again until September 20. Get ready for over a week of foolish comments and headset jokes from unruly fans.

In unrelated news, Tomlin considers tampering with headsets far more serious than tripping receivers that are trying to score.


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