Philadelphia Eagles

Angry Eagles Fan Is Unhappy About Cowboys Loss; Threatens To Cut People With Box Cutter

CowboysEaglesAn Eagles fan known as “EDP” (you’ll see what it stands for by clicking on the video) posts weekly videos on You Tube about the Birds and his love of the team.

Every once in awhile the Eagles do something he doesn’t like and he lets them have it. After yesterday’s 20-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, EDP went off.

At one point, he threatened to cut people with a box cutter who blamed the loss on Sam Bradford. Now, he’s not really going to cut someone with a box cutter but that’s probably not something you want on a video.

This is amazing…and not safe for work in the slightest.

Later, EDP posted a follow-up video that was slightly more coherent and calm.

Thank god.

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