Indianapolis Colts

A Road To Recovery: The 0-2 Power Rankings

MNFColtsThe race is on to figure out which of the 0-2 flops will resuscitate their seasons and reach postseason play.

Is it a given that one of these teams will turn things around quickly? Not exactly. Since 1990, teams that started 0-2 reached the playoffs only 13% of the time.

So, we’re here to unfurl the mess and figure out which teams may dig out of their massive hole. Alas, let’s take a look at the wreckage ranking the teams from best to worst:

  1. Seattle Seahawks – The road back to the playoffs isn’t so easy for the Seahawks. However, once they get rolling they should be in good shape. Their next six games are extremely winnable including meetings against Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, and San Francisco.
  2. Indianapolis Colts – As bad as the Colts have looked through the first two games, they still play in AFC South. Games against Houston, Tennessee, and Jacksonville should be six wins…if they wake up.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles – This is a vote against the NFC East if anything. In any other year, folks would have toe-tagged the Eagles after their disgraceful 20-10 loss to Dallas on Sunday. However, with Dallas resembling a Spirit of ’76 poster, a comeback is possible.
  4. Detroit Lions – If the Lions can somehow survive their next three games – Denver, at Seattle, Arizona – without hitting 0-5, they might be able to come out on the other side.
  5. Baltimore Ravens – After giving up nearly 40 points to Oakland last week and a slew of injuries, it appears a return to the postseason may not be possible for the talent-challenged Ravens.
  6. New York Giants – It’s not 2007 or 2011 anymore. The magic has worn off for Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin.
  7. New Orleans Saints – If the Saints have to play without Drew Brees for any substantial period of time, this is only going to get worse.
  8. Chicago Bears – They weren’t good in the first place. Time to bottom out and dump Jay Cutler.
  9. Houston Texans – Ryan Mallett & Brian Hoyer. Game over.

I think possibly Seattle and Indy can recover because of weak schedules. After all, Indy recovered one year ago from an 0-2 start after beginning the year with losses to Denver and Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, history says the odds are long that anyone reaches the playoffs.

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