DeMarco Murray

Here Is Your Reminder That DeMarco Murray Touched The Ball Nearly 500 Times Last Year

MurrayEaglesThrough two games, Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray is the not-so-proud owner of 11 yards rushing on 22 carries. After Wednesday’s practice, he is also the not-so-proud owner of a hamstring injury that will force him to get an MRI.

While there is a plenty of football left, his start to the season has been an undisputed disaster. Perhaps, that is why the Dallas Cowboys were extremely hesitant to sign him following a career year one season earlier.

By the end of the 2014 season, Murray touched the football an astonishing 497 times between rushes and receptions. To put that into historical perspective, only all-time NFL rushing champion Emmitt Smith touched the football more between the regular season and postseason combined in a single year.

Smith had 519 touches during the 1995 season, which saw him rush for 1,773 yards and 25 touchdowns. The Hall of Famer never toppled 1400 yards rushing again before retiring after the 2004 season.

Back to present day, Dallas essentially used up Murray and then spit him out. While Eagles fans rejoiced over “stealing him” from the Cowboys, the reality is Dallas didn’t want him or so it appeared.

Should Murray miss Sunday’s game against the Jets, it would mark the fourth season in his five NFL years that he missed at least one game. Thus, his arrival in Philly appeared to be somewhat dubious following one of the heaviest workloads in league history.

Philadelphia’s decision to sign Murray following the Frank Gore debacle and adding Ryan Mathews made little sense when it happened and makes less sense now.

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders said it appeared that the Eagles only wanted Murray to keep him away from Dallas. If that was actually their logic, boy was it flawed.

Yes, there are offensive line problems in Philly as Chip Kelly pointed out during his postgame presser on Sunday. However, Murray’s long-term viability as a long-term option for the Eagles is fool’s gold.

Murray received $18 million guaranteed from the Eagles last spring. Whether it be a faulty line, his durability or a league-wide effort that has caught up to Kelly’s offensive scheme, it appears Murray may not be able to live up to expectations in Philadelphia.

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