Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater Gets Knocked Out On Dirty Hit In Vikings/Rams Game

BridgewaterThe Minnesota Vikings topped the St. Louis Rams in a 21-18 overtime victory on Sunday but the victory came with a cost.

Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was knocked out cold from an elbow by Rams safety LaMarcus Joyner during a second half scramble.

Following the hit, Bridgewater appeared to be out after the collision. Unfortunately for Bridgewater and the Vikings, Joyner struck the Vikings quarterback despite the latter going into a slide. As per NFL rules, when quarterbacks engage in a slide, further contact is prohibited.

After the game, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was unhappy and hinted that the Rams were a dirty team. Also, he referenced the Rams’ defensive coordinator having a “history” with injuring players.

Who is the Rams’ defensive coordinator, you ask?

Gregg Williams..one of the chief principles of the infamous Bountygate scandal while coaching in New Orleans.

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