Cleveland Browns

WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts Wants To Help Johnny Manziel


A new Rolling Stone article features former WWE wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts and his interest in possibly helping troubled Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Last week, Manziel reportedly headed to Las Vegas under disguise to have  a good time rather than support his teammates in the season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During an interview with Aaron Oster of Rolling Stone, Roberts believed his own well-documented personal trials and tribulations with substance abuse can be used to educate and eventually save “Johnny Football”:

“I’m trying to get ahold of Johnny Manziel, and I’m going to tell that boy, ‘You need to get on Antabuse,'” Roberts says. “I understand where his head is at. I understand what it is to be Jake the Snake, or Johnny Football. You got all of these expectations from other people. Not just yourself, but other people. You start being the party guy for them.”

“Yes I would. Put that out there. If somebody can put me in contact with him, do it. Not only him, but several of those guys who are screwing up out there…like [TCU quarterback] Trevone Boykin.

This is a wonderful gesture on the part of Roberts. A star in the 1980s with the World Wrestling Federation, Roberts once-bright star dimmed under the heavy use of drugs and alcohol. Eventually, Roberts teamed up with friend Diamond Dallas Page, which helped turn the Snake’s life around.

Trust him, Johnny, trust him.

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