Cincinnati Bengals

Disgraceful Hit By Vontaze Burfict Costs Bengals In 18-16 Playoff Loss To Steelers


Vontaze Burfict is a complete clown. For some reason, he felt his own personal grudge was important than the Cincinnati Bengals winning a playoff game.

With the Bengals clinging to a 16-15 lead with just seconds remaining and Ben Roethlisberger’s right arm dangling from his shoulder, Burfict nailed Steelers receiver Antonio Brown in the head with a forearm.

The knockout blow on Brown landed the Steelers in field goal range. Also, teammate Adam “Pacman” Jones was called for a personal foul following a skirmish after the play.

Moments later, the Steelers grabbed an 18-16 lead. Marvin Lewis is now the first coach in NFL history to lose his first seven playoff games.

Burfict cost his team its first playoff win since 1991. Hopefully, he’ll be suspended for a part of next season.

Good job, Vontaze.

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