Cincinnati Bengals

Pacman Jones Tirade Gets One Thing Right


Following last night’s crazy AFC Wild Card game between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, Adam “Pacman” Jones opted to use social media to vent his frustrations rather than communicating with humans (aka the media).

In a tirade that Deion Sanders of NFL Network demanded be deleted from Instagram (Jones took it down after Sanders text him but the damage was done), Jones correctly stated a pretty fair point.

For some reason, Steelers coach Joey Porter walked onto the field following the Vontaze Burfict hit on receiver Antonio Brown. Porter, who often had diarrhea of the mouth as a player, is allegeded to have been talking trash, according to Jones.

Craziness aside, Pacman brings up a fair point. Why was Porter on the field??

To check on Brown? Maybe.

However, I don’t think he ended up surrounded by Bengals players unless he said something unbecoming of the moment.

Of course, Porter’s histrionics led to Jones drawing a 15-yard personal foul penalty for pushing him and thus, allowed the Steelers to kick a chip shot field goal to win the game.

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  1. Really? That was what you saw as the problem in the game? Because way before that , in the game I was watching, I saw so many dirty plays by the Bengals that I found is disgusting. I am far from a Steelers fan, never really liked them, but in that game last night I was so happy to see them win. The Bengals organization is a joke to the league at this point, and so are the fans.

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