St. Louis Rams

The Rams Are Heading Back To L.A.; Time To Relive “Ram It”


The Rams will begin anew (again) in Los Angeles immediately and begin play in a new Inglewood-based stadium in 2019.

While the San Diego Chargers may or may not join them, the return to L.A. marks the first time the Rams will play in the “City of Angels” since 1994.

Ah yes, the Los Angeles Rams.

They accomplished a great deal during their time in L.A. the first time around. The 1950-52 Rams led the league in scoring over that same span including winning the 1951 NFL championship; they reached the postseason eight straight years from 1973 to ’80; reached Super Bowl XIV as a 9-7 team in ’79; and continued their success throughout the 80s.

However, none of those accomplishments trump their “Ram It” video from 1986. Following the ’85 season, the Rams were coming off of an appearance in the NFC title game where they were eviscerated by the eventual Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears.

For some reason, the team put out the Ram It video. Maybe it’s about sex. Maybe it’s about football. Who knows…and who cares?

It’s truly one of the most awful pieces of pop culture from the 1980s.

It’s simply fantastic.

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