Super Bowl 50

Take Three Minutes Out Of Your Life And Listen To Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Lose His Mind In A Super Bowl Trivia Contest


When Chris “Mad Dog” Russo teamed with Mike Francesa to form the famous Mike & the Mad Dog sports talk radio dynasty, one of their most famous segments became their annual Super Bowl trivia segment.

Russo would often dress as French aristocrat and revolutionary Marquis De Sade and go by the name “Marquis” on-air. Basically, he took the identity of another person during the segment, which was tremendous.

Unfortunately, Russo and Francesa split in 2008. Yet, both still run a Super Bowl trivia contest on their respective shows.

However, it was Russo’s Marquis de Sade who recently blew a gasket in a recent trivia session on Sirius XM.

Who knew someone could get so upset about the offensive line of the 1966 Green Bay Packers?


Clearly, we can blame NFL Network for this.

Anyhow, for old time’s sake, here is the Mike & The Mad Dog:

Good times.

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