Peyton Manning

Peyton Week: Let’s Relive The Historic Super Bowl MVP Ceremony Brought To By Peyton Manning & Gatorade

Prior to the start of Super Bowl 50, the NFL honored every Super Bowl MVP during a historic pregame ceremony in one of the best gestures they’ve ever done to honor their past.

I loved this ceremony. It was a tip of the cap to the NFL’s history, which they don’t do nearly enough.

Of course, Peyton Manning could not be a part of the on-field ceremony since he was playing in the game.

When Peyton’s turn rolled around to be introduced in some form, something bizarre happened. CBS inserted a still shot of Manning from his Super Bowl XLI MVP effort and then immediately showed him sitting at his locker…drinking Gatorade…in front of cases of Gatorade.


No big deal, right?

Not exactly. Manning endorses Gatorade and they ran a commercial for him and Cam Newton during the Super Bowl. Alas, he was scratching his own back with classic product placement.

Considering Manning decided to turn the Super Bowl into a commercial for his endorsement and personal interests, it further adds to his dubious potential last game.

However, most people may not have noticed this since the lame Broncos fans in attendance were too focused on booing Tom Brady.


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