NFL Draft

NFL Team Sets New Low In Weirdest Question Asked At Scouting Combine

OedipusNFL executives ask players some weird questions prior to drafting them.

Before the 2010 NFL Draft, Dez Bryant was asked by then-Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland if his Mom was a prostitute. Eventually, Ireland apologized for the bizarre line of questioning.

Six years later, not much has changed according to draft analyst Dane Brugler:

So now, we are asking veiled questions about incest? That’s beyond weird.

I’m going to assume the team that asked this question was not a part of the NFL playoffs. That just sounds like a question asked by a team that doesn’t have its stuff together or maybe someone in their front office just finished reading Oedipus the King.

Either way, that’s just strange.

Meanwhile, can we all agree the interview process by the teams with NFL prospects is far more interesting and entertaining than watching a bunch of guys workout in shorts?

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