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Sylvester Stallone Losing Oscar For Best Supporting Actor Is Worst Philadelphia Loss Since 2002 NFC Title Game


Despite being the odds on favorite to win Best Supporting Actor during the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony, Sylvester Stallone lost to Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies.

Of course, folks were somewhat disappointed by the outcome.

Philadelphia’s fictional sports hero taking an L during what is akin to the Super Bowl for actors, will be used as some sort sign that Philadelphia is cursed – which it isn’t. The Phillies won in 2008 and thus, we’re not Cleveland.

However, prepare for those crocodile tears.

Anyhow, the Sly loss is the worst Philadelphia-related defeat since Tampa Bay strutted into Veterans Stadium to beat the Eagles for the ’02 NFC title and go on to win Super Bowl XXXVII over Oakland.

You want something to feel bad about Philly? Watch this game. It’s awful.


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  1. Was surprised to hear Stallone didn’t win myself. I think he was the sentimental choice of a lot of the experts. As for that NFC title game, well… I was on the other end of that one, and the Eagles went to the Super Bowl a couple of years later.

    • The only thing with the Eagles reaching the Super Bowl two years later was that they weren’t going to beat the Patriots. That’s why the Tampa loss hurts even more in retrospect.

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