WWE Divas Champion Charlotte Suffers Facial Injury

CharlotteChampAnytime something noteworthy happens involving the Flairs, I’m going to report it because quite frankly, they are essential to everyday living.

Anyhow, WWE Divas Champion Charlotte suffered an apparent nose injury last night at a WWE Live Event in Minneapolis during a match with Becky Lynch.

After taking a knee to the face from Lynch, Charlotte began bleeding from the face. The injury was serious enough for the matched to be stopped and declared a no-contest.

However, good news everybody. Our Lady of Hope is going to be ok:

Thank goodness. Charlotte is set to face Lynch and “The Boss” Sasha Banks in a triple-threat match at WrestleMania 32 in April for the Divas title.

Right now, America is at critical mass for acceptable heroes. Donald Trump is possibly the next President for heavens’ sake.

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