Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Tweets The Most Hulk Hogan Tweets Ever After Gawker Triumph

Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, Testifies In Gawker Media Lawsuit

I’m still not completely over Hulk Hogan for channeling behavior that seemed more fitting for the D.W. Griffith film Birth of a Nation than a controversial sex tape.

Yet, Hogan managed to score a $140 million victory in court last week over Gawker, the online media company that published the Hulkster’s infamous sex tape featuring the former wife of radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge.

Following the victory, Hogan has been vocal about his happiness on Twitter. It started with Hogan drumming up memories of his triumphant WrestleMania III win over Andre the Giant:

Of course, the topper arrived on Tuesday when Hogan tweeted a photo of himself giving a legdrop to the Gawker logo.

Even after being humbled and losing his job, Hogan finds a way to not be humble at all.

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