Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Apologized On Instagram About The Von Miller Housing Situation


When Johnny Manziel told TMZ over the weekend that he was living with Super Bowl 50 MVP and fellow Aggie Von Miller, it made almost no sense.

As it turns out, it’s not true. Word came out on Monday that Manziel was actually living Josh Gordon of all people – and not Miller.

Leave it to Manziel to clear up matters on his Instagram account:

Basically, Manziel is saying that he and Miller “were looking for some houses together.”

Again, that makes no sense.

That is a stark contrast from the “I’m living with Von” angle that Manziel attempted to push with TMZ.

Why would Miller hitch his saddle to someone as wildly unreliable as Manziel when he likely will become the highest paid non-QB in the NFL?

Living with Josh Gordon? Tremendously dumb and a far more logical move by Johnny Football.

Who knows what the truth is here but in the end, it’s not putting Manziel anywhere closer to stepping onto a football field.

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