Cleveland Browns

This Is Your Reminder That Bill Cosby Almost Owned The Cleveland Browns


While listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast with Keith Olbermann last week, Simmons casually reminded people that Bill Cosby almost became an NFL owner.

Back in 1998, Charles Dolan and Larry Dolan joined Cosby (and later Don Shula) to make a bid for the Cleveland Browns franchise. Of course, the original Browns fled Cleveland for Baltimore following the 1995 season.

During a press conference to explain the potential move, Cosby jokingly stated that the Browns should use Jell-O as a method slow down opposing teams. At the time, Cosby was heading to the end of his work with Jell-O.

In retrospect, Cosby’s explanation of why he wanted to become an NFL owner is extremely ballsy when considering his current circumstances. He wanted to help keep young athletes out of trouble.


While he was jockeying for position as an NFL owner, Cosby was in the midst of a 43-YEAR RUN of sexual assault incidents.

Thank the lord the NFL dodged that bullet.

The NFL awarded the Browns to Al Lerner for a cool $530 million in 1998. His bid finished ahead of the runners-up headed by the Dolans.

NFL history could have turned out a lot differently if Lerner never popped into the picture to buy the Browns.

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