Cam Newton

Cam Newton Says The Dab Is Dead


The curse of the Super Bowl runner-up has already gotten off to a fantastic start in 2016. After losing Pro Bowl cornerback Josh Norman to the Washington Redskins to free agency, the NFC champion Carolina Panthers will undergo another loss.

The Dab.

Carolina Panthers quarterback and full-time dabber Cam Newton alerted the masses on Thursday that the Dab is dead heading into the 2016 season.


Newton told WFNZ radio in Charlotte that he plans on retiring the dance. However, he will replace it with a new one for the upcoming year.

So, get ready for America to become racially divided again over Newton’s dancing acumen after scoring touchdowns.

While Newton proclaimed the Dab dead, we all know the true story. The Dab officially died a grisly death at Super Bowl 50 last February courtesy of this dude:


But yeah, no Dab this year. Perhaps Cam should learn a lesson from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Prior to numerous playoff games, Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook engaged in a pre-game dance ritual that bordered on absurd.


It was all rainbows and roses until the Golden State Warriors recovered from a three games to one series deficit to win the 2016 Western Conference Finals and head back to the NBA Finals.

It doesn’t pay to setup choreographed dances. It only leads to pain from the sports gods.

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