Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers Offer Their Sympathies To The Warriors…Only To Be Trolled By The Broncos

CurryDrumThe Carolina Panthers know a thing or two about blowing a big game after an amazing regular season.

Of course, the Panthers rolled up a 15-1 regular season record en route to reaching Super Bowl 50, where they met their untimely demise at the hands of the Denver Broncos.

That’s likely why they sympathized with the Golden State Warriors after the deposed former NBA champs dropped Game 7 at home to the Cleveland Cavaliers last night.

Sure, a classy gesture by the Panthers. Unfortunately, that’s where the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos came into play.

The Broncos quickly reminded the Panthers who is currently boss in the NFL with a tweet offering their sarcastic apologies by beating Carolina in February.

Denver may not get within 300 yards of the Super Bowl this year but their social media game is still championship level.

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