Donald Trump

Donald Trump Getting Upset Over Presidential Debate/NFL Scheduling Conflict Is Dumb


So, I’ve been MIA from blogging over the past week plus due to covering the Democratic National Convention in my other life and as a result having to follow the Republican National Convention a week earlier.

As my brain continues to shift from politics back to the NFL, an inconvenient marriage has developed.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is upset over a scheduling conflict between the NFL and a pair of presidential debates against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the fall.

Trump believes that competing against two NFL games is potentially unfair to his chances of becoming POTUS.

He is a fool.

The debates are scheduled well in advance of the NFL schedule even being made. How far ahead? Try September 23, 2015. The 2016 NFL schedule wasn’t even an apple in Roger Goodell’s eye at that point.

The two dates in question are Monday, September 26 and Sunday, October 9. The Monday nighter features the Atlanta Falcons facing the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile, the Sunday night contest sees the New York Giants against the Green Bay Packers.

Back in 2012, the third presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney was held on the same night as a Bears/Lions Monday Night Football game.

Donald Trump is going to lose the 2016 election because he is unfit to lead the country; not because of America’s collective hard-on to see Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers tossing footballs around.


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