Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz Suffers Rib Hairline Fracture; EDP Is Not Pleased


The Philadelphia Eagles’ preseason already had a crash landing one game in after it was revealed on Saturday that rookie quarterback Carson Wentz may miss the rest of the preseason.

During Thursday’s 17-9 win over Tampa Bay, Wentz suffered a hairline fracture in his rib following a hit to the midsection. According to reports, Wentz might miss the rest of the preseason.

Of course, soon after the news about Wentz’s injury came out, Eagles superfan EDP took to his You Tube channel and was highly upset. Watch this NSFW video at your own peril.

As EDP puts it, the most interesting part of the Eagles preseason was watching Wentz develop and now, it’s not going to happen.

We’re stuck in a vortex of Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel until further notice.

How boring.

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