Carolina Panthers

Coming Attraction: Live Game Blog – Panthers At Broncos: Caddyshack II


Thursday night marks the return of the NFL and a rare Super Bowl rematch to start the 2016 season.

Over seven months after the Panthers and Broncos nearly put America into a coma with a boring Super Bowl, they are back at it again in the opener.

Peyton Manning being replaced by Trevor Simien at quarterback is the equivalent of replacing Bill Murray with a watered-down, past-his-prime version of Dan Akroyd for Caddyshack II.

Just terrible. And yes, just like Caddyshack II, the sequel promises to be even sillier than the original. Of course, some of the original cast are back but it promises to lack much of the sting the original did.

We’ll be there to chronicle all of the nonsense on Thursday night.

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