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Carson Palmer And His One Playoff Win Ripped Tom Brady Over Deflategate


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer spoke to the Boston media on Wednesday as a lead-up to Patriots/Cardinals Sunday night and may have poked the bear in the process.

Palmer was asked about his thoughts on the Deflategate situation and how he felt Brady was treated by the NFL.

His answer was, in a word, foolish:

“I tried not to follow it just because it was everywhere, for so long, but I go back and you follow what the rule book says and you go about your business and your work and you know, if they tell you not to do it and you get busted and what happens happens, then you suffer the consequences,” Palmer said.

“You know, I’m sure you guys [in New England] look at it a lot differently, but I know a lot of players around the league just looking at it, you know, I don’t know if you can feel too strongly one way or another.”

A couple of things here…

First off, Palmer has one playoff win over his decade-plus run in the NFL. He has played in one conference title game, where he was blown the hell out by the Carolina Panthers.

Who the hell is he to rip Brady?

If Peyton Manning says something, fine. Joe Montana? Say whatever.

For Palmer to take a shot at Brady is the equivalent of Mark Sanchez doing the same. The only difference is at least Sanchez was competitive in his postseason appearances and actually beat Brady and the Pats in a playoff game.

Secondly, does Palmer really think it’s wise to open fire on Brady? There will be a receipt for this especially if the Patriots win the game.

Carson, go back to the kiddies table for quarterbacks with Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler.


We shouldn’t be surprised. Palmer is the same guy who crotch-chopped Seahawks fans last year.

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