Dallas Cowboys

EA Sports Madden Twitter Account Smokes Cowboys’ Terrance Williams After Gaffe Against Giants


Social media can be an unforgiving place for any athlete. Today, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams found out the hard way.

Trailing 20-19 at home, the Cowboys launched a desperation drive against the New York Giants on Sunday.

With under 10 seconds remaining, Dak Prescott completed a pass to Williams. Instead of heading out of bounds, Williams inexplicably turned to the middle of the field and was tackled.

Problem? Dallas had no timeouts remaining to stop the clock. Time ran out and Dallas lost by a point.

The EA Sports Madden NFL Twitter account responded to the mistake:

After the game, Williams offered an explanation for his actions:

“I don’t know, I was just doing my best to just put the team in position to kick a field goal, but obviously I should’ve just followed the rules and got out of bounds,” said Williams, a fourth-year player out of Baylor and Dallas’ W.T. White. “That was the whole purpose of me cutting it in, to go right back to the sideline to pick up more yardage. I was thinking at the break in the huddle it was already third and 13, in my mind I was trying to make the first guy miss, and then just dive out of bounds, but it didn’t go as planned. I should just have followed the rules and gone out of bounds.”

As Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks learned after Super Bowl XLIX, EA Sports doesn’t play. If a player screws up, they will call them on it.

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