Madden NFL 16

EA Sports Slyly Reminds Seahawks About Epic Super Bowl XLIX Debacle On Twitter

LynchMaddenPlayers get a bit defensive when their Madden ratings are annually released and sifted through. This time, the Seahawks decided to throw in their two cents at the direction of EA Sports on Wednesday.

The Seahawks lightly complained about the “trucking” rating of Marshawn Lynch, which was set to a 98. Basically, “trucking” refers to a players ability to run over players once they have the ball.

Well, EA Sports responded to the tweet by digging up the Madden playbook’s halfback dive plays to suggest Lynch would have received a 99 if the Seahawks gave him the ball at the 1 against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

The Seahawks responded to the jab but only to be jabbed again by Tom Brady’s alter-ego, “Gary the Telemarketer” in a sarcastic claim that the EA Sports Twitter account was hacked.

After much of the focus over the past two months in the NFL has revolved around another principle in Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle has received a few not-so-subtle reminders about their ill-fated play call.

Earlier this week, Don Banks of named the Russell Wilson interception as the worst play call in NFL history.

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